Internet Lock 5.3: Password protects internet connection and internet programs.

Internet Lock 5.3

Internet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. By using Internet Lock, you can password protect any program from accessing internet, you also can block any internet program. Internet Lock can password protect or block any kind of internet programs from accessing internet, for example: password protects all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL etc. Internet Lock also

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Internet Password Lock 9.0.0: Password protect Internet access (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc.)

Internet Password Lock 9.0.0

lock out unauthorized Internet use. Once Internet Password Lock is installed, all Internet access will be blocked when Windows starts. To access the Internet, you must view the main Internet Password Lock screen by clicking on the Internet Password Lock icon on the system tray and then input a password (selected by you when you install Internet Password Lock). You can then access the Internet freely until you lock the Internet again using Internet

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Internet Explorer Lockdown 1.0: Internet Explorer Lockdown - Prevent history deletion, restrict websites

Internet Explorer Lockdown 1.0

internet cafes, hotels, museums, and a host of other areas that require restricted use of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer Lockdown Features: o Runs Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) or higher as a locked down kiosk type interface o Prevents history deletion (so history can be tracked) o Prevents "InPrivate" (incognito) browsing o Allows for many Internet Explorer customizations not available through the Internet Explorer interface. o Run Internet Explorer

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TPD Browser Lock 2.0.2: Control Internet access on your computer while you are away.

TPD Browser Lock 2.0.2

Internet access without requiring you to be present. TPD Browser Lock is easy to use and requires a master password for access to the Internet. It runs silently in the background. When you need Internet access just click the icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen by the clock. The icon looks like a globe with a keyhole; from there you can lock/unlock the Internet as well as specify a time length for Internet access. What is new in Version

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Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Ed. 2.0: Utility for kiosk setups, trade show terminals, libraries, schools, hotels, etc.

Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Ed. 2.0

Internet Explorer 8 or higher as the exclusive kiosk type program Allows for many Internet Explorer customizations not available through the Internet Explorer interface including: o Define the startup URL o Run Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode o Keep Internet Explorer running (if it is closed) o Keep Internet Explorer maximized (if it is minimized) o Ability to remove individual menu bars and menu options o Prevent printing, Open dialog, files downloads

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Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0: Lock Folder, Hide Folder, Secure Folder, Encrypt Folder, Password Protect Folder

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

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User Control 2009 6.9: Filter Web/Internet and block undesired programs, freeze Desktop

User Control 2009 6.9

lock any undesired window title or any application / EXE-file. On the Internet you can define exactly which contents shall be allowed and which not. You can also explicitly allow only authorized applications and/or Internet addresses. Block the varied Windows systems areas (such as system control, setting on start menu, downloads from IE, Windows settings, etc.) with just a few mouse clicks. Network and multi-user capacity. Lock also your desktop

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Avant4u Personal Firewall The best you can buy to protect your home computer and Network.  30 DAYs Trial

Avant4u Personal Firewall

Internet. Whether you are on your LAN at work or are dialing out or using an ADSL or cable modem to go online, this Personal Firewall gives you multiple pre-set levels of protection - High – your computer is fully locked - Medium – everything closed to Internet hosts and your computer still open to trusted zone computers - Low – file shares are closed and ports open for Internet traffic, opening your computer only to trusted zone computers -

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Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.0: Utility for kiosk setups, trade show terminals, libraries, schools, hotels, etc.

Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.0

locked down, users have access to an elegant, easy-to-use menu utility configured to run applications of your choice o Circle Dock (included) is a popular, free, flexible yet simple, customizable, utility which you can configure to launch only the applications you need o Can configure applications to launch in a single instance Internet Explorer Lockdown Features o Runs Internet Explorer locked down o Configure unique UI customizations o Run Internet

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PC Security 6.4: Lock down your system like never before. Have total control over your computer.

PC Security 6.4

Lock down your system like never before. Exercize total control over your computer with the following security options: Explorer Control, File Lock, Folder Lock, System Lock, shortcut/Program Lock, Internet Lock, Restricted System, Window Lock, intruder Detection with Alarm, Flexible and complete password protection and Drag and Drop support. A very powerful and easy to use protection utility.

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